Welcome aboard! M Force Staffing uses Paylocity to keep track of your time and pay, and you will log your time using the Paylocity Mobile app.



Download the Paylocity Mobile App. For iOS users, click here. For Android users, click here.

Enter our company ID: 11662, and login with your Username and Password you created during onboarding.



Once logged in, click on the drop down arrow next to Time Entry, then go to the bottom and click on “Launch Time and Attendance”

On the next screen hover over Home and then choose “Timesheet”

*Please choose Timesheet, NOT Punch.


Choose “Duration”

We only require the total number of hours worked each day to be entered under “Duration”.  For example, if you had a 9 hour work day, but 1 hour was lunch, then enter 8. It automatically defaults to 8.0 – but you can change to different hours if needed. If you do not work a day, just simply leave it blank and DO NOT put 0.00.

Hit “Submit” and you’re done! Once you hit submit, you will not be able to go back and change your time. 


Following your first pay period, you’ll be able to access your pay stubs directly here using your login, password, and Company ID: 11662. Your W2 will be available there at tax time.

If you choose to use a Desktop Computer instead of the Mobile App to enter your time each week, visit

You will login with the user name and password you created during your onboarding with M Force.


Desktop Instructions: