Improve Your Hiring Success

If you’re hiring for manufacturing jobs, you may be considering using a staffing agency. Perhaps you already are, but the candidates you’ve been presented with have been disappointing. According to a survey by Manpower, almost half of employers struggle to find candidates with the right skills. Working with a staffing agency should improve your hiring success. The question is, how can you make sure it does?

When we work with clients, we always discuss how you can get the most out of the relationship, hire the best people, and ensure your hiring strategy achieves its targets. Here are our main recommendations for working with a staffing agency to hire for manufacturing jobs.

What You Should Know Before Working with a Staffing Agency

Attracting key employees may mean a challenge to some of your beliefs about recruitment.

For example, did you know:

  • According to a Glassdoor Survey, 67% of job seekers want to know what the salary is and benefits when searching for a job. Employers can be resistant to this, preferring to use the information as negotiation tools, but it puts applicants off.
  • Career Builder Survey found that 85% of job applicants expect a personal response to their application, yet only 26% of employers proactively communicate throughout the process. The knock-on effect of this means poor relations with potential customers and future employees.

A good staffing agency knows their industry and will advise you well about current markets and trends, as we have done here with What Millennials Might Want.

Employ More Effectively with a Specialist Staffing Agency

Using a specialist staffing agency should enable you to hire more effectively – talented people who will remain with you for the long term. The most effective way to achieve this is to treat your relationship as a partnership. You employ the staffing agency to find the best candidates for your company – so help them to help you with the following tips:

·      What’s on Offer?

Do you need a Contract, Contract to Hire, or a Direct Hire employee? Take the time to understand what your agency offers and how it can meet your employment demands.

·      Be Clear About Your Needs

Provide a specific list of requirements and some ‘nice-to-haves’. Include personality, experience, company culture, goals, objectives, values, etc.

·      Get the Finances in Order

Make sure the recruitment budget includes fees to pay your agency and it is approved before requesting candidates. Also, be clear about the salary and benefits for the role. If you are vague about the money, you risk losing good recruiters and good candidates.

·      Check the Timing

Do not request candidates for a job in the future; the vacancy should be ready to be filled within weeks, not months. Remember, everybody’s time is valuable.

·      Communication Is Key

Be prepared to communicate with your recruiter and give feedback. A good recruiter will want you to be honest and upfront if they are to deliver the right candidates.

·      Remember the 80/20 Rule

Perfect doesn’t exist. Be prepared to compromise for the right candidate if they meet most of your requirements. If you don’t hire them, someone else will and you will have missed a great recruit.

·      Stay in Contact

Stay in touch with your agency after the hire. Discuss how your new employee is shaping up, so you can both learn from the experience to improve future recruitment.

Have You Selected the Right Staffing Agency?

Many staffing agencies are generalist. You should partner with a specialist – an agency whose focus is on manufacturing jobs.

Check out an agency’s website for current vacancies: are they recruiting for similar positions? Find out how they recruit, and ask questions about their screening and selection processes.

We cannot emphasize enough how important your relationship with us is. You will have a named contact, asking the questions that helps us find the best-fit candidates for your open jobs in manufacturing. We work with you at every step of the hiring journey. Our job is to help save you time and stress, and present you with the best candidates available.

Get Started on Faster Hiring for Manufacturing Jobs

Perhaps you have had disappointing results from other staffing agencies or never used one before. Here at M Force, we pride ourselves on our reputation, faster hiring, and great results.

Relationship building is what we do. We are here not just for now, but for your future employment requirements. Why not get the process started today? Contact M Force Staffing and start hiring the best candidates into your manufacturing jobs.

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